Listening [Psalm 116:2]

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on my blog. The last series going through the book of Matthew was a soothing time in my life and helped me refresh on the Gospel. Since then, I have been jumping around through devotionals, the psalms, and Romans (one of my favorite shorter books of the Bible). I … More Listening [Psalm 116:2]

Go time [Isaiah 14:27]

It’s go time in our lives. That’s right, as of right now it’s go time, for all of us. A verse that I have been praying about this past week is found in the book of Isaiah  (I’ll share the verse later). The overall message assures me that nothing can stop God’s plan for your … More Go time [Isaiah 14:27]

First steps [Isaiah 46:4]

Hi. I’m Taylor. It’s not important you know who I am (I’ll share that through posts best I can). Blogging is a different path for me; it is not necessarily outside my comfort zone of writing, as I am a journaling fanatic, however, journaling is an internal reflection that I rarely, if ever, share with others. … More First steps [Isaiah 46:4]