Movin’ On Up

Has it really been THIS long since I last blogged? I’ve been all wrapped up in the changes. For starters I got a new job, more like a career, and a goal that I have been praying for that is now reality. I can hardly believe it, just pinch me. Life happened since I last blogged… my sister is pregnant and due the last day of June, Jon has 27 days until he graduates with his Masters in architecture…not like I am counting down the days or anything. So much to be excited for!


Any who, I have been pondering on some bigger life “stuff.”

The sermon on Easter morning at church has been stirring in my mind ever since and it’s been a few weeks. This sermon was about punctuations. Is my life carried by commas, periods, question marks, or exclamation points! Will I leave church and carry the exclamation points throughout the year or will it merely last in my heart until the end of the day? Let me explain…

Comma People: Easter is a day many celebrate with loved ones and attend church. Those who go through their Easter and daily life with commas are the list people. Today I need to: go to church (check), clean the house for family to come over (check), make a meal and visit with family (check), and go to bed. The day is just another day filled with commas, one task after another. Nothing is special about Easter really or any other day.

Period People: The disciples put periods at the end of their sentences. The disciples, like us, who deny him use periods. If He won’t help me right now then I am done following him. Period. End of statement. It is my way or the highway (period). Easter shows that God had a bigger plan and this plan does not have a period. He sent his Son to die for us on Good Friday and He rose again so that we could be forgiven of all of our sins and that will never change. That is not a period, that is a forever promise that goes on and on for all generations to come.

Question Mark People: The women of Jesus’ time were full of questions. Where did He go? How could this be? What scents should we prepare? We must be confident in what the Bible says and know He died for us. We don’t need to question Him, it’s called having Faith.

Exclamation Point People: Indeed! He died for our sins! He rose to make a place for you and me! Happy Easter! I want to live my life every day with the assurance of Easter. Not only Easter but every day knowing that no matter how my day is turning out, God has every circumstance in his books for my life. He is the author and He is writing my story for my good and to better his kingdom. I can rest assure that I have Jesus every single day and this should show as an exclamation point in my daily life, not only on Easter! Thank you Jesus!

It has been a great sermon that has kept me thinking and reflecting. Trying to put the exclamation point on my life daily, and not only on the up & up days, but on the downer days as well, finding the good in my faith! I thank God for all that has been placed in my life lately, but I know it is nothing compared to what is yet to come. How exciting to always have something better to look forward to, and someday, a place with Him!