Fall-ing in love with fall

Happy fall, autumn, and cozy weather time to all. For all you summer folks (like my mom), I wanted to share some of my favorites of this season to make you start falling for fall.

  1. Apple picking and baking. What’s the point of picking them if you don’t use them too. The drive to an apple orchard is the time to get a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy a little drive listening to some good ole country music, (for me it’s with my guy, but friends or family trip is fun too). The drive is the time to relax, see the leaves changing and crisp air. Most likely you do not live within a few miles of an orchard so the drive there is just as enjoyable if you make it so. Get dressed in those boots you’ve been waiting to take out all summer long and one of your fall jackets, scarves, or vests and coffee, cocoa, or cider in hand. Once you arrive to the orchard it’s essential to do two things: 1) pick apples and take cute pictures as you taste every single apple you can. You must eat a ton of apples so you don’t eat the ones you bag up to take home- use those for baking! and 2) buy apple cider donuts!! These are overly delicious and warm at the orchards and it’s a must. Don’t skip out on this, I promise it’s worth every single penny. Side note: don’t save them to eat two weeks later..eat them up within a few days or they won’t be as yummy. They are made fresh at the orchard for a reason.
  2. The second is one you can enjoy more often this fall, bonfires. After dinner get out the smores if you are still soaking up some summer nights, but if you need a little change, try out cherry pies over the fire. You’ll need a “pie iron” but then just take some bread, butter it like you would with a grilled cheese or spray the pan, fill it with a couple spoonful of cherry pie filling and close your pie up. The little things in life to enjoy fall that much more. Bonfires to bring friends together, listen to some crickets, and the best part of a fall bonfire verses a summer fire, you don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes (that’s the worst)!
  3. Corn maze. When else can you aimlessly walk around in a cornfield with crunchy stalks and leaves around you and solve a giant puzzle. As a disclaimer, I enjoy this fall tradition of many because my guy is the one with the map and I just follow and enjoy a nice sunny day outside with him. They usually have other activities at a corn maze farm such as piglet races, slides, and hay rides. Theres also that famous sweet corn on the grill which I cannot pass up on. Enjoy an all day event being outdoors. I mean, being very candid, if you’re with your lover I don’t mind sneaking away into a corner of the maze and getting a few kisses in.
  4. Speaking of kisses, fall is for falling in love with some cozy time. I love taking advantage of those nights in watching a couple scary movies if it’s October especially for Halloween. Maybe even a classic, Charlie Brown’s It’s The Great Pumpkin, could be your family choice. Fall is also when all the good tv shows come back on we all can find a good little sitcom or some sort of show to indulge in- modern family and amazing race being two of my favorites. Enjoy a cup of warm joe and a nice fall pumpkin spice candle burning or those apples baking that you picked earlier in the fall. Apple crisp and a movie??? Yes please! Cozy up!
  5. Carve pumpkins. I don’t care if you are an adult, it’s still fun. I’ve never been one for those stencil patterns so I draw and then carve whatever it may be. I save the pumpkin seeds inside and put them on a baking sheet with some salt and yum yum yum snacks for your cozy nights^.
  6. Festivals and Fairs. I may be a bit bias but I love my Sandwich Illinois Fair every September, and Heritage Fest Dundee Illinois. Eat all the fried foods you can, listen to some music, watch the derbies, drink an octoberfest beer or two, fireworks over the river at Heritage fest, look at some classic cars, cookout food, and just be country which is ‘right up my ally’.

The list can go on but these are my five favorites. Some enjoy going to see scary movies, haunted houses, the typical halloween parties, thanksgiving feasts, football games, bike riding, black Friday shopping, camping, leaf piles and jumping, and so much more.

I’ve fallin’ in love with fall, have I convinced you too?

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