Memories and the in-between’s

Memory: the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information; b) a recollection.

Can you tell me what you had for lunch yesterday? Ok, a roast beef sandwich, hummus and pretzel chips, very good. Now, can you tell me what you had for dinner three or four nights ago? When was the last time you went for ice cream at your favorite spot with your favorite person? My guess is you’re not sure on those answers but maybe you could take a guess and answer correctly on a few. What if I asked you what your thoughts were about a certain situation on a certain day dating back a year or more ago? How did you work through that and what were the lessons you could take away from that day… do you have a blank mind at this point?

So many questions so let me get to the point, our short term memories are great and maybe some very memorable moments will stay with us long term but what about the in-between days? I don’t want to think of my life, or anyone else’s for that matter as a timeline of only the important dates placed on it- your birth, your first pet, your first boy/girlfriend, your first car… all of these are “your first” or truly easy dates to spit out in the grand scheme of your life. What about all the other days when my best friend Dani called me up on the phone and had the best long talk ever, or what about that time when your guy just said something that you knew was something memorable but you can’t quite put it together now…I want those in between days too, not just the I-do’s, the firsts, or the end to events in my life.

Wishing time away is kind of the cross roads I am faced with; let me explain. I journal and try to store up as much of my life on paper as I can, anything from what I had to eat, what time I worked, prayers, conversations with those I encounter, or emotions towards situations that are happening currently or have resurfaced in my mind. The conflict occurs when I wish away time- I write in my journal that I wish certain events were in my past and new ones had already occurred and push aside the memories I could be making in those times between. It could mean the difference between an understanding of a full life, or a fictional life which doesn’t quite let us grow.

Memories make up a life- good ones, and even bad to round us out and hopefully learn from. The in between help us make sense of the “parts” as now “wholes.”