Your cards are dealt

Hey all, here is some food for thought. I was thinking about this idea since Monday and wanted to jot it down, so here ya go blog. Let me give you a little background of the week I’ve been having: Monday I did a bonehead move of exercising at home, and without stretching. So I did a few ‘high knees’ and boom to the ground I went. Hurt my back and after walking around like the hunchback of notre dame all day I decided the doctor might be a good call to straighten my posture back out to human like form. To say the least my back still hates me. The following days after this I cut myself by reaching into the garbage in search for the blackberry jam I so loved that I thought my brother carelessly threw out, however, he threw it out because the jar busted. Top it off my boyfriend is crazy busy with this thing called getting his masters in architecture (go you!) and I just flat out wish he could be with me more often and not once a week if time allows in our crazy schedules and distance dating life. Moral of this story is to stretch before exercising, don’t reach into the garbage, ever, and cherish time with those you kinda sorta like…

Nah ok so onto the thought I’ve had since Monday: My hand of cards has already been set (God), and He is dealing them out in perfect fashion…even when I don’t think this week is the time to be seeing these cards. ‘My hand’ feels weak compared to others at the table I’m playing at and I’m just not ready to lose today. If you know me you know I’m a tad competitive too. So life goes on though. I do not have control over my cards, or how they are dealt. I do not get to pick when the bad, great, or ugly cards will be played.

This week I was not liking that idea. The sense of control still is a big issue with God and I. I’m still learning and still processing. Understanding the lack of your abilities without Him will only lift Him up. I like the [HE > i.] idea behind John 3:30. Sunday the sermon in church was about being still, and letting it be well with my soul. I did not know it then but as the week unfolded ahead I needed that sermon more and more each day. He brought encouragement before he dealt my hand this week and THAT my friends is how God works. He equips us for our cards being dealt. He has it all figured out before we are born and He will continue to weave our lives just as He has always intended. He has perfect timing, He brings peace to my soul on the days I see as the worst of days, and for that and SO much more I can say, He. Is. Love. Bring on the rest of the week!