Go time [Isaiah 14:27]

It’s go time in our lives. That’s right, as of right now it’s go time, for all of us. A verse that I have been praying about this past week is found in the book of Isaiah  (I’ll share the verse later). The overall message assures me that nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. Not ourselves, nor satan, nor a dear friend or foe. God is at work in our lives and it’s time to get going. We have individual and overall purposes, we have obstacles to climb over and troubles ahead, but right now is the time to take the next step, because, right now, God is in “go mode” in planning our next occurrence in life.

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. Now, to understand this statement you must first understand that once you are a follower of Christ your path isn’t magically straight and perfect, nor clear (that is where faith comes in). This is a bold and faithful God we follow and his plans for our life come in the most bizarre, maybe even scary occurrences however if those journeys impact your life and show you Christ’s love, then those are in God’s plans. Look for God’s plans not only in the blessings and every day beautiful parts of your life, but also in trials that you can now relate to others and help them out of the difficult time.. look for these parts of the journey which is also evidence of God’s faithfulness to us in His creation of our beings and experiences to get us where we are today, and where we are headed in His kingdom.

In my current panic of being a graduate without a full-time job and loans kicking in this next month I have been begging, literally begging God to open doors for full-time employment and the means to move out of my dads house into my own place. I would love to become independent as soon as possible. Well this verse (I’ll share in a second) and the overall message that “nothing can stop God’s plan for your life” reassures me in my begging and pathetic prayers God has already been opening doors for what HIS plan is for me, which is way better than what I specifically ask for. His plan for each of us is intentional, real, and specific. Oh the joys of living a life close to the Lord – I hope we all can experience this one way or another in our lives and hoping that starts for all of us, today, because NOTHING can stop God’s plan for your life, not even your own stubbornness to listen. It’s go time, to be faithfully following the plan God has for us, day by day.

Isaiah 14:27 “The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has spoken, who can change his plans? When his hand is raised, who can stop him?

–Let those that are the called according to God’s purpose, comfort themselves, that whatever God has purposed, it shall stand. -Matthew Henry’s concise commentary.