Making sense of making time

We are all busy, right? We don’t meet many people that say “I got nothing to do.” This topic sprung up with this quote that I read from Martin Luther. He said he prayed 1 hour a day, and get this, on the days he was overwhelmed with things, he prays an hour longer. Did you catch that? He said he prayed an hour longer when he WAS overwhelmed.  

Point blank, making time for God is important. Why? Well what about this scenario:

Would we recognize when God came to us? If we aren’t sure, it is probably because we aren’t going to Him enough. How would we NOT know God’s voice in our ear if we listened and communicated back and forth on a daily basis? I get that sometimes it takes awhile for us to trust what we think He tells us or we aren’t sure we heard right, and so on… But what if we really didn’t recognize when God came to us? Could it be because we aren’t in constant communication? I believe so and guess what…. I am guilty of this.

The busier I get the less time I devote to my Father; That may be shown as slacking in my prayer life, not going to church regularly, or not having a mindset like Christ through my daily life. Overall a disconnect between God and I. Busy days help me justify time spent being selfish and less time focusing on God and all my blessings from Him. Yeah, that is a big no-no, or red flag. If I do not recognize God’s answering of prayers, or call to me then I am not in constant communication with Him or clearly I would pick that up.

So as this blog is titled, Making Sense of Making Time, I hope that this encourages us to do just that. God is important and it makes sense to make time for Him. Other things in our life can fill up our daily grind but when it comes down to it, are they more important than a Sunday morning soaking in the community time at church, worshipping, praying, or daily devotionals or time spent with God? That is for you to figure out yourselves, but I hope that you will see my opinion that time and communication with the Lord, trumps any other schedule filler-upers.

First of all, prioritize our lives.

Secondly, be in constant communication with God so we can easily pick up what He says and have no doubts.

Thirdly, follow through and be intentional with each part of our lives.