Being young

I’ve been thinking about how truly young I am. It’s a beautiful thing to be young. You know you are young when all you want to do is get to the next part of your life, and you can’t always see the benefits of living each day as it is.

… As for me, I’ve only lived 22 years of my life and I am a current college graduate in my first job post graduation. With being young comes decision making and choosing a direction to my life; I have so many things thrown my way at once whether that be a career, expenses piling up from college loans, and overall how I will live my life…where I will live it, and whom with. That can be daunting at times for someone this age- so many things going on at once and personally feeling like I have to get all those things aligned at once, or wanting to but frustration kicks in when you can’t do it all right now.

On my mind right now: I would love to get a full time job in event planning of some sort, a new car with better gas mileage, move out of my dads house, move closer to my friends and boyfriend so I could have a life when I’m not working, plan a vacation with my friends for once (with the money I don’t have), finding somewhere that allows me to get a credit card and build credit instead of rejecting my request, become a member of the church I have been attending the past 3 years that I found when I went to College, and overall just get to living my life on my own- not depending on my parents.

Thinking about all of that makes me kind of stressed and makes me feel really young, even younger than 22 some days. I know it takes time to get there and I have to take one step at a time, it’s part of life. Some days I wish I was rich (but I know that wouldn’t make things better).

So the plus sides of being young? Well, we have options for where we are headed, and we can be molded into the person we want to be. We have years ahead of us, and following God’s path one day at a time is a good test of our faith in Him. Being young is a blessing, one that we can’t get back. I’m learning to soak it in and be ok with changes coming my way; changes that are unknown to me, changes that I am excited for, and also quite frankly terrified of. Being young is great, but I know it’s hard to think of it that way until I am looking back on it- but I’m trying to realize this before I get to that point of looking back on this time in my life.

I am truly young, and that is okay.