Pen to paper

For a while now (freshman year of college) journaling has been a big part of my life. It seems silly to say it is a big part of my life when I’m not talking about a person, sport, etc. but in my entries I try my best to capture memories with those people, sports and so on in my life. I have dealt with big life events through my journals and came closer to God with each scribble I’ve written about scripture, devotions, and prayers… Ok but for those of you who have tried journaling, yes at times, I am exhausted and do not want to do it at all, and sometimes it becomes a place for me to complain and nothing constructive comes out of it, at least not without action to the words I put down on a page…

I will say this though, it’s worth every word, page, or thought I’ve had in those three full books. As I begin my fourth journal (which is the prettiest thus far: thanks Jon) I am trying to put pen to paper in a focused and constructive, not destructive way.

Maybe you have experienced this before when journaling: (1) fun-filled day: blabber on and on and never get to the prayers for those in your life who need it and your journal is filled with stories (2) “Debby downer” day: you can’t find one good thing to talk about and quite possibly feel bad for yourself (3) Average day: nothing really happened today, it’s just “blah.” — NONE of these are very constructive.

So, my new method is write however much I feel like about the day (in general) and then the new addition that I call,       “PEAKS, PITS, PRAISES, & PRAYERS.” You will remember the good times, figure out the bad times, thank God for something, and then be able to end your writing session with a prayer.

Thank God for journaling… a way to work through thoughts, events, and experiences in my life by simply putting                pen to paper for 15 minutes of my day.