First steps [Isaiah 46:4]

Hi. I’m Taylor. It’s not important you know who I am (I’ll share that through posts best I can).

Blogging is a different path for me; it is not necessarily outside my comfort zone of writing, as I am a journaling fanatic, however, journaling is an internal reflection that I rarely, if ever, share with others. Here goes nothing, the public writing journey begins and we will see where this goes.

I have made you. I will carry you. I will sustain you. I will rescue you. – Isaiah 46:4

This has been on my mind since I have wrapped up my college career, and am in the midst of interviews for the real world. HE has made me, IS carrying me, and will CONTINUE to sustain me, and eventually, one day, WILL rescue me…

Each one of these promises is being fulfilled every second of every day in whatever situation we are in.

If you are human you: worry, stress, freak out, occasionally cry (women especially), and ultimately HAVE to know what path you are on, or what your future holds, right? Well let me painfully say this for all of us, and of course myself included… NO WE DON’T. In this verse it clearly says what God’s plan is for us. We don’t need to know any more than that. What a peaceful reminder that says our paths are already ready for us to freely walk on, run, hop or skip, stumble over, and explore. I love the piece of the verse before this piece…it says we will get gray hairs people! Ok, maybe not directly stating that but I thought that part was neat and a reminder that even following Christ we will have stress and will get gray hair or “figure of speech” gray hairs, and God will sustain us even with those gray hairs and old age. 🙂

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